Hi, I'm Dennis【ツ】
Just sharing my Amsterdam street and personal documentary photographs

My work mainly focuses on my personal conflict of feeling lost in this world. I’m looking for both the quiet and busy moments, unnoticed corners and rushed life in the city. Maybe I’m just trying to connect?
I shoot in a quick, simple and raw candid lomography snapshot style. Just observing the daily life in Amsterdam in the 21st century and sharing my time capsule.
Everyday is cart blanche!
Making photos teaches me to really look, trying to connect and truly appreciate everything around us. It is just pure magic to capture moments and to be able to watch (and relive) them over and over again, it is almost time travelling.

All my street photographs are uploaded in full resolution on Flickr
Or view them on the Amsterdam city map

Some other work: 
Dennis Sewberath
Streets Amsterdam